Building Commissioning Services for Every Facility

Building Commissioning Services

Comprehensive building commissioning services, ensuring all building systems function according to design intent.

Building Envelope Commissioning

A complex and integral part of the built environment, the building envelope directly impacts building performance, indoor air quality, and occupant comfort. Building envelope commissioning (also known as building enclosure commissioning) is a quality-oriented process for testing and verifying that all elements of the building envelope meet performance and comfort objectives.

Building Envelope Concerns:

Building envelope failures, such as moisture intrusion and air infiltration, can lead to reduced energy efficiency, water damage, indoor air quality issues, mold growth, and occupant health concerns. These problems can be avoided through building envelope commissioning.

Key Benefits of Building Envelope Commissioning:

  • Enhanced building performance
  • Lower operating costs
  • Minimized energy usage
  • Improved occupant comfort

Building Recommissioning

Even with a dedicated maintenance team, building system performance can decline over the years, which can compromise comfort levels and lead to higher energy costs. Building recommissioning is a comprehensive process applied to buildings that have already undergone building commissioning.

Why Re-commission?

Declining building performance and the onset of chronic problems can occur over time and commonly arise when a building undergoes a change in use or ownership. Recommissioning provides a systematic approach to discovering and solving building problems. The end result is a building that functions according to its original design specifications and owner’s operational requirements.

A study performed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the California Energy Commission revealed that building recommissioning increases energy savings through improved building system operation. On average, recommissioning pays for itself in just over one year.

Key Benefits of Recommissioning:

  • Healthier indoor air quality
  • Energy savings
  • Extended equipment life
  • Fewer maintenance concerns
  • Improved comfort levels

Building Retro Commissioning

Also known as existing building commissioning, retro-commissioning is intended for buildings that have never undergone the commissioning process. Like total building commissioning, retro-commissioning ensures that an owner receives a building that functions according to its design intent and current operational needs.

Why Retro-commission?

Buildings that have never been commissioned can suffer from a host of problems, such as poor indoor air quality, inefficient system control, high energy costs, excessive maintenance, and comfort control issues.

During retro-commissioning, the Integra team evaluates current systems performance, analyzes data, develops a solution based plan to optimize building performance, and documents the entire process.

Key Benefits of Retro-commissioning:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Fewer maintenance concerns

Independent Equipment Commissioning

Whereas total building commissioning is the process through which all building systems are verified and documented to perform as intended, isolated system commissioning (also known as specialty commissioning) focuses on optimizing individual systems. Integra can help building owners and managers verify the performance of individual building systems and components, such as:

  • Central cooling and heating plant systems and components
  • Building automation and lighting controls
  • Air handling systems (constant and variable volume)
  • Packaged roof top equipment
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Terminal units (VAVs, FCUs, and CRACs)
  • Envelope and smoke compartmentalization

Who Should Consider Independent Equipment Commissioning:

Isolated system commissioning confines the scope of work to one or more key areas of concern. Small projects with restricted budgets may find that isolated system commissioning meets their needs.

LEED/CALGreen Testing

Involving Integra early in the development cycle can ensure the success of your LEED building project. An Integra LEED accredited commissioning agent can help you satisfy the requirements to achieve LEED certification whether your goal is silver, gold, or platinum rating. Our agents provide both fundamental and enhanced LEED commissioning services.

What is LEED?

Founded on performance, environmental preservation, and social responsibility, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program is a consensus-based certification system that is transforming the way America builds.

Key Benefits of LEED Commissioning:

  • Healthier indoor air quality
  • Protection of local ecosystems
  • Energy savings
  • Increased occupant productivity
  • Ability to take advantage of tax benefits
  • Enhanced community image