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ASHRAE 110 Tracer Gas Testing

ASHRAE 110 testing guidelines for the methods and procedures to determine fume hood performance. Fume hood testing consists of three key areas: face velocity measurement, smoke visualization, and tracer gas containment. This ensures the safety of the user and facility occupants.

Bio-safety Cabinet Testing (BSC)

Service Includes a completed report with summary of testing performed, including test criteria, Pass or Fail Status and recorded data.

Testing included:

  • Downflow Velocity Profile
  • Direct Inflow Method Velocity Test – Primary Method
  • Aerosol Challenge Installation Leak Test
  • Airflow Smoke Pattern Test
  • Site Installation Assessment Test

Cleanroom Certification

Service includes a completed report with the summary of testing performed, including the test criteria, Pass or Fail status, recorded data and applicable drawings.

Testing Included:

  • Room Air Change Calculations (Air Changes Per Hour)
  • Room-to-Room Differential Pressures/Room Pressurization
  • Airborne Particle Count Survey
  • Temperature and Humidity (single point)

Additional Testing Not Included (Unless specified on quote):

  • Work Height Velocity (Unidirectional)
  • Airflow Parallelism
  • Airflow Uniformity
  • Airflow Smoke Pattern Tests
  • Room Recovery
  • Enclosure Integrity Leak Test
  • Particle Count Statistical Analysis
  • Lighting and Noise Level Tests

Environmental Monitoring

Adhere to the most demanding industry standards by demonstrating control of your critical areas with our environmental monitoring services. CECS experts help create quality assurance programs and perform testing to provide results needed for cleanroom monitoring. We’ll help you meet the various industry standards, including:

  • ISO 14644-1
  • USP <797>
  • USP <800>
  • FDA Guidelines

Our microbial monitoring portfolio provides the information you need about the suitability of your environment. We work with you to ensure consistent performance and quality. Our core offering includes:

  • Particle counts
  • Air sampling
  • Surface sampling
  • Gloved fingertip sampling
  • Compressed gas sampling
  • Hazardous Drug Sampling

Equipment Testing

Includes laminar flow hoods, isolators & balance enclosures.

Fume Hood Testing

According to the standards set forward by OSHA, chemical fume hood testing should be conducted on an annual basis at a minimum. Additionally, new fume hoods should be tested upon installation prior to utilization. It also is recommended that a reevaluation should be performed any time changes are made to the equipment. This ensures the safety of the occupants within a facility.

HEPA Filter Integrity Testing

HEPA filter integrity testing – documents leakage or defects and ensures HEPA filters provide required filtration to prevent both product and environmental contamination. Smoke pattern testing – qualitatively verifies airflow directions using a small source of visible fog.

Repairs & HEPA Air Filter Replacement Services

CECS offers a wide range of HEPA filter and containment device repair services. Regularly working with leading equipment manufacturers enables our trained technicians to perform prompt diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repair. We maintain a stock of commonly used parts to ensure availability in critical situations. We can help you keep your equipment operational with minimal disruption or downtime.

USP 797/800 Pharmacy Certification

USP 797 compliance requirements are in place to ensure patient safety through meeting quality standards for any entity or individual involved in storage, handling, preparation and transportation of CSPs. USP 800 provides standards for safe handling of hazardous drugs to minimize the risk of exposure to healthcare personnel, patients and the environment.