National HVAC System Consulting

Building Systems Consulting Services

Your dependable building systems consultant firm from start to finish.

Complete Documentation of HVAC Systems

Exisitng equipment/system surveys, retro testing, adjusting, and balancing. This helps document imporant information within the HVAC system to establish benchmarks.

Equipment Submittal Review

Retro/New reviewing design equipment submitals in comparison to current application or basis of design.

Functional Performance Testing

Challenging equipment and sequence of operations based against original engineering design.

Healthcare Compliance/Validation Consulting

Reviewing original engineering design to ensure that Joint Commissioning compliance needs will be met.

Implement Owner Project Requirements (OPR)

Compare and evaluate owner project requirements to current facility requirements.

Installation Start-Up Verification

Provide assistance when needed for verfication of equipment installation startup based upon orginal engineering submittal design.

Job Site Inspection

Provide routine checks and inspections on job sites during construction.

Operations & Maintenance Training (O&M)

Instruct facilities personnel for the operations and maintenance issued by the contractors or original engineering manufacturer.

Preliminary Plan Review

Review project requirements, drawings, and specifications and look for any design inefficiencies or installation issues that may effect balancing or performance.

Pre-Design Services

Review early stages of design documents. Review for system efficiency and balancing design requirements.

Re-Cx Multi-Year Plan & Benchmarking

Review ASHRAE 62.1 in regards to ventilation requirements, and advise property owners of recurring ventilation verification.