C&W–Tesco Acquisition

Integra Testing Services, LLC (“Integra”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of C&W–Tesco.  C&W–Tesco (now doing business as C&W–Tesco, an Integra Company) is a Richmond, VA based Testing, Adjusting & Balancing (TAB), Building Systems Commissioning & Energy Management services provider.

This addition expands Integra’s presence nationally adding 20 more employees and an additional office location to Integra’s existing 235 employees and fifteen office locations across the United States, Singapore and Guam.  William (Bill) Wassum, C&W’s current President, will retire effective June 15th.  Thomas Goodman, Operations Manager, and Joanna Seymour, Office Manager, will continue to operate the business with the support of resources across the Integra platform.   

Dominic Mazzolini, CEO of Integra, noted “C&W has serviced the greater Richmond area for decades. Integra is thrilled to partner with them to enhance our customer relationships by continuing to provide national best-in-class service and offering a portfolio of additional services. This partnership allows Integra to continue to grow as the nation’s largest TAB and facility testing firm while keeping a local feel.” 

“I am thrilled for C&W to be joining the Integra family as Integra provides us with the resources to best serve our customers and employees now and in the future,” stated Bill Wassum, President of C&W-Tesco. “I happily retire knowing that our customers and our employees are in excellent hands.” 

About Integra 

Integra Testing Services is a leading provider of certified testing/adjusting/balancing (TAB) and other similar facility testing services for the commercial HVAC market. Integra has quickly become one of the largest TAB firms in the U.S. and also offers an array of complementary testing services such as air exchange and pressure testing for joint commissioning accreditation, 797/800 pharmacy certification, cleanroom certification, fume hood certification, duct leakage testing, air barrier testing, commissioning, and other critical testing services for the built environment. The member companies as well as the management team and Board of Managers of Integra are dedicated to providing independent, unbiased test and balance services. This dedication ensures design professionals, building owners and end users are guaranteed environments and living spaces that are operating in the most optimal conditions. 

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