Integra Announcement

Fulton & Associates Balance Company (“Fulton”) and Neudorfer Engineers (“Neudorfer”) are pleased to announce that they have joined forces to create Integra Testing Services (“Integra”) effective January 2022. Integra Testing Services is a leading provider of HVAC (TAB) testing/adjusting/balancing. Integra will create strategic value for customers of both Fulton and Neudorfer through its ability to offer more technical resources (with the strength of a combined staff of over 110) as well as additional complementary services. Integra has become one of the largest TAB firms in the country and offers these services not only in the United States but on a worldwide basis. The Integra platform also offers an array of complementary testing services such as pre-design surveys, HVAC facility assessments, smoke control testing, air exchange and pressure testing for joint commissioning accreditation, 797/800 pharmacy certification, cleanroom certification, fume hood certification, duct leakage testing, air barrier testing, sound and vibration testing, fire and life safety pressurization testing, fire / smoke damper inspection and testing, and other critical testing services for the built environment.

The day-to-day operations of Fulton and Neudorfer will be unaffected by the creation of this new platform, and the leadership teams of both companies will remain intact. Customers, employees, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders should expect to see minimal change from the creation of Integra.

“I am tremendously excited about the coming together of Fulton and Neudorfer and for the potential of the Integra platform,” commented Dominic Mazzolini, CEO of Integra. “The combined strength of this platform will undoubtedly be a ‘win-win’ for not only our customers, but our employees and other partners.”

“The Integra platform will allow other TAB & ‘built environment’ companies to join us in providing our world class services to an even larger customer base. This platform will provide intrinsic value to not only our local customers but now as well to our national customers. With this combined team we can handle the most complex or large sized project our customers desire to build,” noted Bill Neudorfer, President of Neudorfer Engineers.

About Fulton

Founded in 1996, Fulton & Associates provides testing and balancing service for commercial HVAC systems to maximize energy efficiency and comfort in facilities such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, educational, industrial, research, manufacturing, and food service industries. Fulton is headquartered in Mentor, OH.

About Neudorfer

Founded in 1970, Neudorfer Engineers provides quality services for every manner of building project, whether new shell & core or tenant improvement, in both the private and public arenas. Neudorfer provides testing and balancing services, building systems commissioning, duct air leakage testing, and cleanroom certification services. Neudorfer is headquartered in Seattle, WA.

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