Integra Testing Services Acquires the Controlled Environment Certification Services Business of STERIS

Integra Testing Services (“Integra”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Controlled Environment Certification Services business (“CE Services”) of STERIS (“STERIS”). CE Services is a provider of cleanroom and controlled environments certification, service/repair and environmental monitoring services to the life sciences industry. Terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

This acquisition represents a strategic service line expansion for Integra and aligns with Integra’s long-term plans to expand its service offerings in target markets. By acquiring CE Services, Integra reinforces its commitment to excellence in the healthcare, research, and pharma sectors. Integra will now provide strong support to the life sciences industry not only through the controlled environment certification and monitoring services of CE Services, but also through Integra’s core testing/adjusting/balancing services.

“As we move forward with this acquisition, Integra is dedicated to being a responsible steward of CE Services’s legacy,” commented Dominic Mazzolini, CEO of Integra. “We recognize the importance of building upon the solid foundation that CE Services has established. Our goal is to continue delivering the highest level of service and innovation, as we expand our presence in the market.”

CE Services is led by Area Vice President, Larry Zanko, an industry veteran whose tenure exceeds 20 years with STERIS and CE Services. Mr. Zanko will join Integra post-closing as Vice President – Integra CE Services and will continue to lead the day-to-day operations of the CE Services business. The CE Services business will commence operations post-closing as Integra CE Services.

“This acquisition is a testament to our commitment to our clients and the industries we serve,” commented Yves Raymond, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development of Integra. “Together, Integra and CE Services will set new standards of excellence and drive innovation in our field. We are excited about the future and confident in the mutual benefits this acquisition will bring to our customers and the broader market.”

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Integra Testing Services is a leading provider of certified testing/adjusting/balancing (TAB), and other similar facility testing services for the commercial HVAC market. Integra has quickly become one of the largest TAB firms in the U.S. and also offers an array of complementary testing services such as air exchange and pressure testing for joint commissioning accreditation, 797/800 pharmacy certification, cleanroom certification, fume hood certification, duct leakage testing, air barrier testing, commissioning, and other critical testing services for the built environment. The member companies as well as the management team and Board of Managers of Integra are dedicated to providing independent, unbiased facility testing services. This dedication ensures design professionals, building owners and end users are guaranteed environments and living spaces that are operating in the most optimal and safe conditions.  

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